As I’ve mentioned before my daughter’s birthday was at the end of February (can’t believe it’s March already!)  She had wanted a sleep over party that was eventually converted into a Mario Party inspired by her DS Game.  The first thing we did was create a unique looking DS invitation to start things off.  The final result is this:

I was lucky to find out that Tan’s cousin celebrated her sons birthday with a Mario Party as well and loaned me her printed characters so I didn’t have to print any of them out, I just added matching balloons to tie the whole thing together.  How lucky is that!

Tan and I had gone shopping after valentine’s day for some inspiration and found some toys, lootbags, and tablecovers on clearance for 90% off their original price just because each had Valentine’s Day Labels on them!  Which we used as party favors.  Again, How lucky is that!

I made these really simple labels with my printer and tied them using curling ribbon. My party stash provided the rest of the items for the party.

We played a few simple games such as Bomb Game:  I printed a few bombs (enough to fill an 8×10 page) and 3 Mushrooms which represented the winners.  Each kid took turn pulling out a piece of paper ’til all 3 mushrooms were revealed.  The loved the game and kept wanting to play.

What party would this be without Mario?  We printed this Mario image from online google search and taped it together.  I also cropped and printed some mustaches for the kids to pin using sticky paper.

I also made this pinata.  It was very simple to do and in no time the pinata was done.  I did have to wait a while between drying time to add layers to the pinata though.  Let me tell you, once we filled the pinata, that baby was heavy!  Here is the final result:

Another game we played with Yoshi’s Egg Bash.  This game was very easy to do.  I did a youtube search for mario party games and came across a how to video.  Very very simple.  Here is the result:

We had a blast!  My house was over flowing with friends, family and even my baby’s classmates all came!   We even set up the Wii so the adults played a few games as well.  Fun Fun Fun.  Everyone had such a great time so much fun that my nephew was inspired to do his birthday party as well. ~


~ by favorsforu on March 7, 2010.

11 Responses to “MARIO BIRTHDAY PARTY”

  1. The party was so much fun! So grateful that we got to share A’s big day! The decorations and party games were fantastic but I have to say the cake really stole the show! A DS shaped cake for the birthday girl and she even helped decorate it. We still can’t believe A’s 10! They grow up so fast!

  2. Don’t forget about the DS cake that Jenny and I made that the birthday customized with her own design

  3. It was a good cake and played a nice part in the birthday. In my opninion, the birthday girl stole the show with her great additude and poise throughout the day. Keep in mind as well that her ideas and experiences with her friends were major contributors to this post for she had a large hand in its creation and direction.

    • Thanks babe! So true! our girl is very much the focal point. When we wrote this post together, it was her suggestions and photos that guided our writing.

  4. I love these ideas!! Thanks for sharing!! I am starting to do my sons birthday party planning right now ( it’s not til oct hehe) but I would love to make these invites could you tell me how?

    • Sure. I’m the same way.. I’m already planning my second child’s birthday which is not ’til Oct as well. Good Luck and I hope you understand my directions. Here it goes: I scanned my daughter’s ds (you might find a copy online) and cropped the picture. I then made the “screen” invitation with the party info. I printed the front and back of the DS on cardstock paper and lined them up. Creasing the bottom base of the DS paper, shaping it into the DS base. Glued the top of the invitation to the botton half and done. It is very time consuming and pretty difficult. I went thru atleast 3 invitations before I got it just right. LOL Good Luck and I would love to see pictures when your done! ~

  5. Thanks so Much!!! I will try it out tonight when the kids are in bed lol!! For sure will send you some pics!! thanks for all the great ideas~!!

  6. Do you have a template of the DS that you used? That is so cute.

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