Birthday Wish

This year Miss A my eldest girl is celebrating her birthday.  Every year I ask her what does she want for her birthday and she would always reply “Nothing” or “Just dinner at a restaraunt”.  This year however she has decided she wants to celebrate her birthday by having her friends come over for a sleep over.  Great, I always go all out for my chicas and try to stick to a budget and have a plan for decor, games, prizes, etc.  But this year Tan and I had already decided not to do this.  We wanted to buy a new home and also go on a Family Vacation.  When we agreed to this we sat down with the girls and told them that in order to go to Disney World, we needed to cut back on a few luxuries this year so we would have enough cash to go on vacation and/or buy a new home.  Well the girls all agree (even though the younger two didn’t have a clue what that meant) and we thought that would be the end of it.  Of course now that Miss A is turning double digits *sniff* she wants to have her friends over and have a BIG PARTY.  Well let me tell you, I love parties but was really adamant about sticking to our plan for Home/Vacation so I sat with her and told her No, No Party.  She was crushed 😦  I felt soooo bad- Bad Mommie!  We talked about it for a bit and finally came to an agreement as to her party (yes, she’s getting one- those who know me knew i would cave) :s 

Ok, so we decided to have a very small gathering of 3 of her closest friends and some of her family members.  Miss A and Rockee will be heading over to thier Titi’s house and making the birthday cake, which will give Tan and I time to go shopping for her birthday gift and whatever foods we may need for her small party.  The Theme:  NINTENDO.  We have some left over party supplies in my stash down in storage so all we will need is a few things here and there to pull it all together.  It’s very difficult for me not to create a personalized banner, party decor and whatever else my mind can think of!  Ugh this is gonna be hard!!  As I’m writing this post my mind has come up with so many things to do.  Since this stinkin’ Snow Storm has me at home with the kiddies I’m going bonkers!  I love the kids but I need to get out of the house!  My shopping is suffering all those deals/sales out there just beckon to me.  Well atleast I can take comfort in knowing that I have a 4 day weekend where I can make up for lost time!~


~ by favorsforu on February 11, 2010.

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