Going Coupon Krazy

Yes my friends I have gone coupon krazy!  I have been following a few blogs here and there about couponing trying to learn what I can so I understand how to get the most out of my savings.  The best blog so far is the Krazy Coupon Lady.  These two women have a very chic, fun way of couponing and have helped me to better understand how to coupon and when to get the most out of your deals.  I also follow Coupon Mom and Hip to Save, I really love Hip to Save.  I love her Follow Me Monday Vlogs and find her refreshing, spunky and she always makes me laugh.  So far from following them through my google reader and learning to create my very own Coupon Binder (never leave home without it), I have saved almost half on my groceries this weekend!  I just started following Coupon Mom and have also viewed her Vlogs on couponing and find her helpful but just a bit like a school teacher.  I still find her information very useful and will continue to check each one of these lovely ladies.  Who knows maybe I’ll be a having my own blog about couponing!

Now all I need help in is trying to figure out the best times to go shopping during the week as well as good time management skills.  I wish I had that darn cloning machine!  Where did I put it!~


~ by favorsforu on February 4, 2010.

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