My Best Friend

It’s funny how many years ago, I never considered my husband to be my best friend.  Silly now that I look back on it.  He is such a wonderful man.  I need to tell you though, that I have never truly appreciated him for the wonderful person he is.  We married in our early 20’s and it has been many up’s and down’s for our first couple of years of marriage.  We were learning how to cope with each other and how we function on our day to day.  I come from a large family and he comes from a warm loving family.  Not that my family isn’t loving, it’s just that my family’s love was a bit rough around the edges.  Over time in our marriage we learned how to become one.  He has always been a charming, funny guy and can be silly sometimes.  But as I’ve learned sometimes he is also overstressed from work and the kids and I forget that he needs a break from us every once in a while.  He never complains about my projects, work, chores or helping with the kids and would even help me with dinner or clean up afterwards. 

To this day we still hold hands and every night he kisses me goodnight and wraps his arms around me to keep warm.  Although I’m not a very good sleeper it is a bit relaxing at times to listen to his soft breathing as he’s asleep next to me.  Many times when we go out and have the kids giggling (or screaming) in the car, he’ll softly say to me “I Love You” and will gently squeeze my hand.  When we get to the mall, store or where ever he always holds the door open for me and helps with the kids.  He is wonderful.

How I came to the realization of him being my best friend was a gradual thing.  He and I always chat about different things through out the day as well as at night when the girls are in bed.  Lately though I have been going through a rough time.  You see about two years ago my mother was diagnosed with alzheimer’s disease.  It was a shock for my family and I.  We just couldn’t believe that it was happening to her.  My husband would just listen to my cries and would help with with whatever I needed.  If I had to run out at night and care for her and my father or other emergencies concerning my mother would happen he would always tell me go and take care of it or he’d go with me and be by my side in support.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cried about this, or how it hurts so much to look at my mother and see her staring blankly back at me, not knowing who I am.   But my husband has been there for me.  I LOVE HIM and appreciate him for everything.

I realized he is my best friend because he is the one person I can confide in without reprocussions.  We have fun, he makes me laugh, I can be honest in my opinions,  if we fight (and we do) we always make up.  I can be my whole self.  He has helped me become the woman I am today.  He has brought God into my life and love into my heart.  I learned that through Christ, my husband and our children, I am a rich woman.  God Bless You My Love.~


~ by favorsforu on January 21, 2010.

6 Responses to “My Best Friend”

  1. Isn’t it funny to realize all this time your best friend was at your side through all the good and bad times. God bless you both!

  2. Aww, that’s too sweet! It’s good to be in love and have your best friend at the same time. Keep your chin up! God has good things coming your way!

  3. Thank you honey.. I love you too.
    Signed..Your Best Friend

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