Sweet Talk

Lately my little girls are chatterboxes!  Not that I mind (sometimes) but there are times when I’m distracted with work, chores, errands, etc. that i miss out on some of the fun things they say.  I decided to spend equal time with my 3 girls this weekend (kids had 3 1/2 days off from school) and spend some quality time with each one.  What I did was spent one day with each girl chatting and doing something special while the other two played with each other.  I began this Saturday with my Rockstar.  She’s very very smart (a mother’s bragging right) and will say the darndest things when we talk.  Soooo I asked her how was school, etc and she responded with a deep sigh “I don’t wanna talk about it” so i changed my tactics.  I played games with her while asking some questions like:

Note: the words in italics are from my 6 year old.

How are your friends?
Did you do anything interesting with them?
Like what?
Like?… (waiting patiently)
Well my FRIEND was talking a lot in school so my teacher Miss SoSo said no talking outloud so my FRIEND whisperd but i got a straight face (a form of discipline).
Oh well I’m sure if we talk to you teacher on Tuesday we can straighten this whole thing out.
No no, I mean my FRIEND is a chatterhead and likes to ya know.  And and I didn’t wanna be rude but I told her no talking cause I will get a straight face and my FREIND told me “So what!  We’re  not freinds anymore” and I said FINE!  WE’RE NOT” and that’s when I got another straight face but no check mark next to my name
Hmmm… that doesn’t sound fair to you.  You sure you don’t want me to talk to your teacher?
No I’m ok.  I’ll just lock my lips and throw away the key (while making a gesture)
Ok but I can go Tuesday, no problem.  Anything to help you.
Naw, i’m good! 😀 *grinning sheepishly*

Then she took off skipping over to play with her sisters, all the while peeking at me with the corner of her eyes.  Hmmm… The things little ones will say when you ask simple questions.  I love talking with her, her stories are so wild and funny and I always wind up asking myself: Where does she come up with this stuff? Afterwards we played some more games with her sisters, then I allowed my rockstar to make dinner while I was her helper.

The following day I spent some time with Miss A.  She is very different than her sister.  I have to be very careful of what I ask ’cause many many times she’ll keep talking and talking and talking and… well you get the idea.  It’s so amazing how she’s becoming a young lady right before my eyes.  Many people have told me that she’s is so sophisticated.  No, really I’ve been told that atleast 5 times last month alone!  Any who… Miss A loves to talk and we do have many mother/daughter moments where she’ll ask for my advice (while I’m secretly loving it) and we’ll chat about her friends, crushes (even thought she won’t mention his name) ; ) and many different things.  It’s hard to pin point what exactly we say ’cause like I said she can go for HOURS about anything.  And when I tell her that, she agrees with me but continues to chat!  Sometimes I have to walk away just to get a breather!  I’ll use an excuse to go do something but eventually she’ll be right there chatting away again!  It’s enough to make my head spin -PHEW!  That day for dinner (as we still chatted) we made Pernil (pork), Tostones (fried bananas), Empanadillas (meat pies), Beef Steak and Platanos Maduros (Ripe Bananas) it was deliscious and we even made enough for left overs the next day!  Mmmm-mmm!

Last but not least is my little Fashionista!  She’s become such a handful!  I find myself saying “No!”, “Stop That”, “Be Nice to Your Sister”, “Careful” but she just keeps going and going.  She wakes up with a burst of energy for all 5 of us and keeps going all day.  Sometimes she won’t even take a nap!  NO Nap?  Ugh by then i’m so exhausted I want a nap! 😀  But I digress…  With my fiesty one I pretty much play teaching games:  I’ll show her pictures and ask what they are.  When she gets bored with that we color and I tell her all the colors of the crayons, as she uses them and so on.  Her vocabulary is so cute! Here are some of her wonderful words

Hewwo = Hello
Tanku = Thank You
Pwease = Please
Be GooGirl = be a good girl
dats nice = that’ s nice
coco moak =chocolate milk
jewsh= juice
gewls = girls
dawgie = doggies
somore = some more
I wuv you = I love you (my favorits of  course)

Now that they’ll be back to school tomorrow, it will be quality time catching up with my work.  So much to do so little time!~


~ by favorsforu on January 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “Sweet Talk”

  1. Aww, that’s so sweet about all of them! It’s amazing how much each of their personalities are so different yet so alike. Glad you had fun with your sweeties 🙂

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