New Year’s Plans/ Three Wise Men

I’m exhausted!  I’ve been working  very hard for the holidays: baking, cleaning and crafting. *woosh*  I’ve stayed up many late nights making Fahsionista’s gifts (play food for her new kitchen), as well as things for The Three Wise Men, that I barely have the energy to get up in the morning to do anything!  I’m happy we had a lovely time visiting family this holiday season but a bit glad it’s over too.  It’s kinda hard to try to find someone to watch the kids while we ran around getting gifts for everyone (even supplies needed for the homemade gifts).  Since the girls still believe in Santa I didn’t want to dissapoint them.   I did some of my work while the kids where in school but with Fashionista still around and getting more curious by the day it was a bit of a challenge (especially since nap is the evil “N” word)  I had to push some gifts off for another day.  Which brings me to the Three Wise Men.

Ever since I was a little girl my family always celebrated this holidays.  Dia De Los Reyes (Three Wise Men) was where we would get together and celebrate with our loved ones and exchange gifts as well as enjoy some good old spanish music and deliscious foods.  It was fun and something I’ve never forgotten.  Now I continue that tradition with Tan and our three girls.  Since it is not popular in the U.S. we do something intimate and special with the kids on January 6th (unless it falls on a school day then we change it to a Saturday Celebration).  We give the kiddies gifts, play music and eat deliscious foods we prepare ourselves (luckily I can cook!)  We have a blast and it really does feel like it did when I was a little girl.  It’s great!  This time around I have a new little niece that will be joining our Holiday Fun.  She’s just a few days old (born just before Christmas) and is ADORABLE!  I love her so much!  It feels great to have a new niece!  My oldest niece is 14 and a wonderful girl but I don’t get to see her often, with after school activities and friends she’s always on the go.  I don’t get to see my other nieces since they live out of state so I only chat with them on FB or emails. *sigh*  I just can’t wait for her to be walking around and hangin’ out with me and my girls!  It will be so much fun with the four of them!  I can’t wait!!  😀

Now I know what your wondering.  What about New Years?  It’s just before the Wise Men.  Ok I know but I gotta say that this year our plans for the New Year is to stay home!  I know I know … It’s just a bit too much work to go out during New Year’s Eve.  Tan’s working this weekend and with the Mummer’s Parading down the street, if we move our car, we’re guaranteed not to have parking for 3 days!  Oh the hassel of New Years!  I’m so glad we’re staying home and having hoagies, juices, cakes and movies.  Just a wondeful beginning to a New Year!~


~ by favorsforu on December 29, 2009.

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