I’m a newbie couponer and have been following a few blogs on my Google Reader for a little while.  I have to say at first I was a bit overwhelmed with all the possibilities when couponing.   Tips and tricks one learns from expert couponers and how to find the best deals .  How much money one can save on groceries alone would make your head spin!  I set off on one of my grocery runs to save a few dollars with coupons and to my delight I saved $45.00 using my coupons!  I was so happy and proud but of course that wasn’t enough!  I decided to challenge myself (as usual) to beat my record.  So off I go on my second attempt to save on groceries.  It went even better the second time around!  I saved $80 dollars with sales, coupons and shopper card points.  I was pretty happy with what I accomplished that for the holidays I put what I learned to on other things I wanted to get for family, friends and my chicas for the Holidays.  I even saved a bit over $50 dollars on a Toys R Us shopping trip!  It was a bit of a challenge since you get into the Shopping frenzy of wanting to buy everything in the store for those special people in our lives but I stuck to my list (and budget) and was happy with the outcome.

I’ll keep you posted on other tips, tricks and ideas for couponing!  Wish me Luck!!~


~ by favorsforu on December 21, 2009.

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