Thanks and Well Wishes

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day and my husband and I are hosting Thanksgiving dinner at our lovely home.  My in laws are all coming over and it will be a wonderful and fun time.  My kids are so excited to have dinner at our home.  Usually we spend thanksgiving at my mother in laws but we decided to treat our in laws to a day of relaxation.  I love having family over and it seems that everyone is always so busy with school, family, work and other obligations that time is lost and we go weeks or months without a visit from our loved ones.

I am very lucky to have a wonderful family.  I love my in-laws as if they were my own blood and am thankful for them in my life!  I often forget that they are not my blood relatives!  I have a wonderful healthy relationship with them all and wouldn’t change a thing.

Since Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and to reflect on all the positive things we have in our lives.  I am pausing for a moment to give thanks for

  • My husband- he is my rock, my partner, my soul mate.  I look at him and realize that I still love him very much and would never be the person I am today without him.
  • My kids- they are my life!  I was blessed with three beautiful angels that warm my heart and keep me young.  I experience life through their eyes and see and feel all the wonderful moments they share with me.
  • My family (in-laws)- they are all warm, kind hearted people for which I am proud to call family and love very dearly.
  • My family- they keep my grounded and care for each other very much.
  • My home- I am blessed to have a place where I feel warm and safe, since i know there are many out there that aren’t as fortunate.
  • My friends- those that are new in my life, for those i reconnected with and those whom have always been with me.
  • My inner spirit- i’m thankful for the passion to pursuit things that make me feel complete.

Although I have many more reason to be thankful, these are on the top of my list.  I’d love to hear what your thankful for.



~ by favorsforu on November 25, 2009.

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