Baby Shower Success!

My sister is gonna be a first time Mommie and we are all so very EXCITED!  So of course my older sister, sister in law Tara and grandma to be Barbara and I have been secretly planning Alexis’ Baby Shower.   I truly wanted this shower to be a wonderful experience all around.  Everyone is so overjoyed with the arrival of the newest baby to join our family. 

The Ladies and I got together to plan Alexis’ Shower and decided to go with the now very popular Pink & Brown Shower.  (Yes, she is having a girl and we couldn’t be any happier!)  We all chipped in and made various types of food: arroz con gandules (rice w/pigeon peas), meatballs, potato salad, roast beef, penne pasta, veggie tray and desert was a yummy square cake (chocolate), brownies, blondies, cookies, chocolate covered pretzels and other yummy delights. 

For the favors we chose to use one of my suppliers that had pink and brown favors that we thought went well with the whole color theme.

We also made adorable capias that everyone LOVED!  Many of the ladies there were not familiar with our customs and found the capias to be very unique and fun.  They were raving about how adorable they were well after the shower was over!

Baby Shower Capias

Name Tags used at the Shower

I made her my popular diaper cake, but as a fun little twist made the cake into a castle, I also added a diaper baby and gift basket!(pictures not shown) 

Castle Diaper Cake

Adorable Blankie Baby

We played a fun shower game: “Don’t Say Baby!” in which the guest were not allowed to say baby, if caught they loose their necklace to the guest who caught them.  It was so much fun and very hard not to say baby at a shower. 

Don't Say "BABY" Shower Game

We also played Baby Animal Shower Game in which the guest had to correctly match the animals with their babies.  The ladies really got into the spirit of the game.  We also had each guest write well wishes or advice for the first time mommy.  We had brought more games with us but the shower was running so smoothly we didn’t have time for the rest of the games! 

Alexis' Baby Shower

My sister did manage to open her gifts with the help of her nieces in good time.  I met some very lovely women that day and can truly say that my little niece is loved by many people (especially me 😉 )  All in all it was tons of fun and I believe the shower was a success! ~


~ by favorsforu on November 18, 2009.

One Response to “Baby Shower Success!”

  1. Everyone there loved it all. They will be talking about it for quite some time

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