Potty Progress…

So it’s been a few days since Fashionista has tried her potty and to our delight she did go potty!  At first she was a bit frightened, when she did pee-pee she yelps “Mommie” and I had to encourage her a bit to continue, but afterwards she was so excited!  She was proud of herself and was clapping saying “i did it!” She even gave me several hugs and kisses!  It’s so wonderful to see how happy she was with herself.  Although this is not my first potty training session, each of my girls had a different reaction to the potty.  My eldest was a pro and was ready before I was!  We sat at the potty for a few days and finally one day she comes out all by herself saying: “All Done!”  My Rockstar however, was a bit more concerned with the noise of the toilet flush, for some reason that made her nervous so although she did her potty training in no time the flushing took a bit longer!

Fashionista is progressing well and hopefully soon my will be graduating from Potty Training!~


~ by favorsforu on November 13, 2009.

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