Holiday Plans

October was a blur!  It feels like all we did was have my Rockstars’ birthday party, which was fun and then poof , it’s Halloween!

The girls and I had planned on making our halloween costumes this year, but with us all getting the flu (yes and at the same time!) we lost precious time {sigh}.  Well since making our costumes was not an option this year, the girls agreed to buy their costumes.  So off we went to get each one thier choice in costume fun.  My eldest chose to be a vampire/pirate which is totally her with “glamour” and “mysteriousness”, my Rockstar decided to be a Power Ranger because she’s tough and fast (awwww) and then there was my Fashionista who chose to dress up as Snow White.  Each girl looked awesome!  We had tons of fun over Halloween Weekend.

First we awoke to a spooky breakfast of monkey brains (cereal) and zombie guts (Orange Juice), aftwerwards we all picked a movie to watch.  We also told spooky stories (which for my Rockstar was too spooky).  Poor thing, I should of known she’d react the way she did.  If you know her then you know how she gets!  We even had our fashionista hugging her sisters for dear life (and to think the stories weren’t even scary)! Afterwards, we had a lovely lunch somewhere in the mix of stories and movie watching.  Then we played a bit of Monster vs. Aliens.  We decided to get ourselves in gear after playing on the Wii for a bit.  My hubby’s cousin came by for a quick visit with her 3 boys and we had some fun taking pictures and chatting.

At this point we got the girls ready and off we went to get some candy!  Once we were done with Trick or Treating we were off to visit the rest of the family over at my sister n law’s home.  She offered to make dinner for us and even made some cupcakes that were really cute!  On our way there my sister wanted to see my 3 girls so we made a quick stop.  It was nice to see her even though it was only for 10 minutes or so, luckily she lives a few minutes away from AllSorts so we just  zipped over.

All in all we had fun!~


~ by favorsforu on November 9, 2009.

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