Rising Star

Today I’d like to talk to you about a family friend.

VickiShe is a very talented young lady that has been in several TV shows as well as has had small movie roles.  I thought to mention her because I think she’s a very talented person.  My husband and  in laws have known her since they were children.  She comes from a very nice family and I have met her on several occasions. A few days ago my hubby and I were watching tv: “Army Wives”.  We usually don’t watch this show, but we made an exception because our friend Vicki was gonna appear on the show.  I thought she did a wonderful job.  She played a former drug addict that was trying to keep clean.  I thought she played a very convincing part and personally deserved more screen time.

Bottom Left: Victoria Cartegena in Bedford Diaries

Bottom Left: Victoria Cartegena in Bedford Diaries

Aside from appearing in Army Wives, Vicki was also in the TV show Bedford Diaries.  It was a series that lasted almost a full season but was yanked from the airways because the network (the WB) was bought out from another Network(the CW) and they decided that the show was not for them.  Since then I have heard from Vicki’s mother that she has had several small roles in TV and in films.  Most recent film was with Angelina Jolie, I don’t remember what part she had but that didn’t matter.  I just thought it was a wonderful opportunity for her to even be in a movie.  It is very hard for a female, especially a Hispanic female to land any “good” roles.  Hopefully soon you will hear more wonderful things from Vicki and she will be a well know actress in the future.  To know more about Vicki and what she’s done with her career visit IMDB, they have most of shows/movies listed. ~


~ by favorsforu on October 12, 2009.

One Response to “Rising Star”

  1. She is a wonderful actress. Thanks for the info.

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