Project 1: Basement

It’s the second day of  October and I have been in my basement busily re-arranging and cleaning.  One reason is to finally have the space I need to craft and loose myself in my work.  The other is that I have too many things.  So much that we didn’t even know we had half the stuff.  Crazy!

So I started looking through the boxes upon boxes of stuff in my basement and have about half of my dining room filled with very nice things I don’t need.  This weekend my hubby will be off to St. Vincent De Paul’s and donating all of it.  I find that if we haven’t used it in over a year, we don’t need it.  Most of the things that were in our basement are 5 years old!  We kept it for many different reasons but in the end I realized we don’t need it!

Mind you with my dining room partially filled with goodies, I’m still crazy enough to think! Since I’m here I should look through all the boxes and organized it perfectly as well as re-label everything!  That way when I need it, i know where to get it!  Sadly because of this, my little chicas have to wait a few days (weeks) before Mommie will be done!  It’s all good though, I have a deadline in which I have to be finished.  My little Rockstar is turning 6 this month and we’re celebrating her birthday so I know I only have a short time in which to finish.~


~ by favorsforu on October 2, 2009.

2 Responses to “Project 1: Basement”

  1. Did your hubby’s toys make the cut or where they sent to St. Vincents? LOL,, he should have let us play with them first!

    All that work will definitely pay off, good luck!

    • Ha Ha! They’re still here and I swear the boxes have gotten bigger! He won’t even play with them, they’re “collectors” edition. So we look but don’t touch! 🙂

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