First Day of School

Today is my eldest’s first day of school.  What a difference a year can make.  Last year she was so nervous and anxious she couldn’t sleep for a week, could barely eat her food and was a chatterbox!  Last Year she  hugged me so hard I swear she cracked a rib she even blew kisses at me while she lined up and walked into school.  Last year she whined about starting school and begged me to keep her home.

This year was a bit different.  This year she was  calm and quiet.  This year she got up early, got dressed, brushed her teeth, ate her breakfast and was all smiles while she did it.  She did talk a bit (that never stops) but was very independent.   What happened?!  It’s like she actually wanted to go to school.  She was excited and happy to see her friends and wanted to get to school early so she can hang out with them and talk about what they did over the summer.  She even asked me to stay in the car while she walk to school.  I was very surprised to say the least.  I think she’s been waiting for this day for a while.  She’s been wanting more independence from me and has been hinting at it for a while now.  Asking to do things on her own or would say statements like:  “I’m not a baby any more” or “I’m almost 10 years old Mom”.  I guess I should let her be more independent.  I’m pretty sure I’ll allow her more freedom to do things on her own but not “by herself”  Mommy will be in the background making sure she’s ok ;).~


~ by favorsforu on September 10, 2009.

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