GYPSY Portable Design Studio

OMG!!  I love my CRICUT, but now I love it even more!  I just found out that they have a  portable design studio “GYPSY” which is a handheld version of the CRICUT Design Studio® that you can take anywhere and the best part is that you can download all of your cartridges onto the machine and use the GYPSY for your crafts!  Basically here’s how it works:

“Design anywhere with Cricut Gypsy from Provo Craft Life shouldn’t slow down when you get inspired with a good design. Now it doesn’t have to with Gypsy™, the handheld design studio for Cricut®. Whether you’re on the road or just in the backyard, you can escape, be creative, and have fun. Gypsy stores all your Cricut cartridges, making it easy to search and find just the right shape. You will have all the design features of Cricut DesignStudio® at your fingertips. Gypsy works easily with any Cricut machine—just connect and cut!”

I think thats Great!  Wonderful.  I saw a preview of what it could do and I want one!!!  I wish I could run out right now and get it!  But they won’t be in stores until NOVEMBER! 😮  Calm down, calm down, breath, breath…. woooh.

Anyway… here is a picture of what the GYPSY looks like.

gypsy-palmYou can also take a virtual ‘test drive’ and check out the features it has to offer.  I really think it’s a great little thing for all us crafters, scrapbookers, designers alike.  I would definitely love to have one.  I guess I’ll be adding this to my wish list! ;)~


~ by favorsforu on September 1, 2009.

3 Responses to “GYPSY Portable Design Studio”

  1. Soooo … when are we invited over to play with your Cricut? 🙂 Mom and I were thinking up projects we could make!

  2. Count me in too! I love a good craft session.

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