Jade Plant

A few days ago my lovely mother in law came by for a visit and gave me a beautiful handmade pot for plants.  It was something she created at her Senior Center.  It is a lovely pot.  It is one of her very first attempts at pottery.

handmade pot

handmade pot

She gave it to me a while ago at one of our visits to her home but I never took it with me because it is bad luck to receive an “unfinished” gift  {per my mom-in-law}.  So when she did give it to me a few days ago she gave me a choice as to which plant I would like:  A lovely plant (i didn’t know that name) or this one:

jade plant

jade plant

I didn’t know the name of this plant until she gave it to me.  It’s called the “Jade” plant.  I chose this plant for it’s unique look.  Without my knowledge, the Jade plant I chose is supposed to bring in good financial luck!  I was pleasantly surprised!!  I just picked the plant because it had a certain uniqueness about it.


Handmade pot with Jade plant

I’ve never seen this plant before and thought I could handle taking care of a strong looking plant. (my previous plant given by a family friend, didn’t survive 😦 ) I hope this plant lasts a very long time.  Not because it brings good luck, but because I’ve been on this garden kick for a while now and have been trying my darn-est to keep plants alive.  I have had 3 of them fade away.  I wasn’t always a “gardener”  I thought having plants were a waste of time, but as I got older I realized I really DO like gardening!  It’s soothing and also fun to see they beautiful colors and types of plants/flowers that grow with a little TLC.  It helps me to enjoy life!


I know it sounds corny but I guess I’m a bit corny then!  Hopefully soon my “green” thumb will emerge and I’ll have a beautiful lush garden full of color!~


~ by favorsforu on August 19, 2009.

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