Countdown To Baby’s 2nd Birthday!

I am soooo excited!  My wonderful, smart, talented and yes sassy little girl will be turning 2 years old!  Can you believe it?!

Future Fashionista!

Future Fashionista!

This month has been a whirl wind of birthdays in my family.    Earlier this week was my nephew’s birthday and my lovely sister’s birthday is today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  Now I’m planning the soon-to-be 2 year old’s birthday.  I confess, when i comes to my girl’s birthdays I make a very big deal.  To me they are a blessing from GOD and I LOVE them all very much.  I see how wonderful they are and how fulfilled my life is.  I can’t imagine a day without them.  I tend to go a bit overboard for their special days with games, food, gifts, you name it.  But I always have a budget and almost always stick to it (my dear hubby has a habit of just getting “one more thing” for their birthday) which is fine since my budget has to do with the party rather than the gifts.  This year’s birthday I challenged myself (which I do every year) to do something different for my baby’s birthday.  Every birthday the special birthday girl decides the theme for her party! Then I come up with something homemade.  One year my eldest wanted a fashion party, so my hubby made the “stage” out of left over board, some valentine’s day lights I had (her birthday is near Valentine’s Day- how great is that!) and decorations from the dollar store (great place!)  For my Aly’s birthday, one year we had a “Kim Possible” theme in which I made the invitations on the PC and used sound effect as the “self destruct sequence” of the top secret invitation.  Everyone loved it!!!  Last year for my baby’s 1st Birthday I made her a birthday banner out of recycled paper!   It came out pretty good for my first try!!

This year my challenge:  To make her party decorations out of recycled items, such as cardboard, left over paper, ribbons and party decor.  I asked my baby girl what did she want for her birthday!  She smiled shyly at me and said “Happy Birthday” so I went down a list of ideas.  I know she’s only almost 2 but I like them to be as involved in their special day as possible.  So anyway, she pointed at a few things from catalogs and since she loves colors we (or rather I) thought her theme can be CANDYLAND!!  Yippy, Yay!

candyland party inspiration

candyland party inspiration

I have a rainbow of streamers, tissue papers and some left over McDonald toys and I’ll even get some more toys from the clearance sections of  Target, Walmart and even the Dollar Store.  My cricut will be my helper and yes I’m even going to sew some items.  (I’ll keep you posted as to how I made some of the projects and where to get the fabrics, paper or gifts!)

I also have to keep in mind that after my baby’s birthday is my niece’s 8th birthday, my brother’s 31st birthday and my wonderful mother in laws birthday!  Wow I have a lot of birthdays this month!!  I have to get crackin’ on some gifts for them.  Especially something wonderful for my mother in law.  She is a fantastic person and I love her very  much. Hmmmm, what do you get a person as special as her for her birthday?  I better start plottin’ that scheme with my hubby, after all she is HIS mother, right?~


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2 Responses to “Countdown To Baby’s 2nd Birthday!”

  1. You do so many things from the heart. I am so glad to see you still enjoy doing it all. And they come out soo well.

  2. Thanks! You always go above and beyond for us as well 😉

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