Sew Inspired!

Recently I received a new sewing machine to help me create things for my home, family and just for fun.  I have been thinking of all the wonderful things I can sew: from clothing to  toys and everything in between.  My kids have seen how excited I am to have my machine that they decided to learn to sew with me 🙂  That’s pretty cool since I love teaching my girls all that I know!  Anyway, my youngest decided that she was gonna be a “fashionista” and use her sister’s sewing machine to make a dress for her doll.  (at least that’s what she babbled and i interpreted)  Here she is sitting in front of the machine.

IMG_3637(don’t worry- the sewing machine didn’t have any batteries) but that didn’t stop her from pretending to create her masterpiece!

IMG_3641I gave her a scrap of fabric I had and she asked me to set her “work station” up so she can sew her little heart out.  I think she already loves to create.  She’s always coloring, scribbling and making something!  My other two darlings love making things as well, they just didn’t want me to snap any pictures of their work.  I guess they felt a bit shy this time.

So far I haven’t begun my own designs as of yet.  I’ve been pretty busy designing new diaper cakes, baby shower favors and games for Favors For U and working on my baby’s 2nd birthday party.  How time flies! Before you know it she’ll be in school with her 2 big sisters! *sniff*   I’m already feeling the first day of school blues and they still have a month left of summer!  I can’t help it, I’m very sentimental!  My family can attest to that!! 😉   ~


~ by favorsforu on August 5, 2009.

4 Responses to “Sew Inspired!”

  1. Love your post. She looks like she is enjoying what she is doing in that picture.

  2. Awilda, i’m tearing up at work thinking of when we dropped Adriana off at her first day of school at SH. I’m so glad I could be there and soak in the moment too 🙂 – thanks for sharing it with me! And your baby, don’t get me started … she looks so big and almost 2! I’m gonna tear up again. I love the pictures, she’s such a big, beautiful crafter already 🙂

    • Thanks! I was remembering that moment as well. I got so choked up and teary eyed as I wrote this blog. Last year Aly was so brave and didnt even glance back at me on her first day of school. She just ran off with a “bye mom” and I had to ask her for a hug. Oh man i’m getting butterflies, my girls are starting school again. Before you know it i’ll be crying on your shoulders again!

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