This past Friday was my birthday!  One year older and a little wiser 😉  For my birthday I was treated to a lovely breakfast at IHOP.  I have to admit that although IHOP is not my favorite place to eat, I did enjoy the time I spent with my husband and our 3 beautiful girls.   It was a wonderful morning, we  chatted and laughed and listened to the kids tell silly little jokes (they were a bit funny).  Afterwards we took a stroll and did some shopping.  Nothing crazy, just got a few things we needed before going home.  When we got home, we had our family come over for some ice cream cake and had pizza for dinner.  That’s when that wonderful, handsome, dear, sweet hubby of mine gave me a Cricut Expression machine!!  Yippie, Yay!!


cricut expression machine

I absolutely LOVE IT!  When I unwrapped it I was totally surprised to see it.  I finally had my very own cricut machine.  I couldn’t believe my eyes, I was soo choked up!  It was one of the BEST gifts I’ve ever gotten!  Not only did I receive the machine, but I also received 4 cartridges and the cutting mat.

My babies gave me the cutest little birthday card!  along with the card were 2 beautiful tops (one was my favorite color-lavender), and a pair of sandals that were very pretty- Love it!!

I also received gifts from my in-laws.  They were generous enough to  gift me with an extra cutting mat for the cricut, and a really cool watch-thanks Maria!!!

dolphin watch

dolphin watch

an A.C. Moore gift card from my lovely SIL Sara and her hubby (which I already spent;) ) and from my other wonderful SIL Jenny,  her hubby and baby I received the cricut accessory kit,

cricut accessory kit

cricut accessory kit

some yummy reese’s peanut butter cups (mmmmm… chocolate) and the funniest card!  Thanks guys, you totally rock!!

Our family friend Pat was able to stop by for a visit after work and spent some time with us.  She gave me this beautiful Tiffany Rose plant, which I love!!  I also recieved 2 trays filled with assorted cookies, yummy!

tiffany rose plant

tiffany rose plant

It was a wonderful birthday and a fantastic family moment, I will treasure forever.

The next morning I put my cricut to work!  I made thank you notes for everyone.  After a few trial and errors i got the hang of it pretty quickly and this is my very first finished card.

thank you card

thank you card

side view

side view

What do you think?  Not to bad huh??   😉  I created 5 different cards (sorry I forgot to take pictures!)  I’ll keep you posted on my next project!


~ by favorsforu on July 13, 2009.

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