Summer Vacation

Last week was the beginning of my girls’ summer vacation.  My hubby and I have tried to do a few fun things over the past few days but the rain really played a number on us.  What can I say?  I’m an outdoor type of girl.  I love being out in the sun and having a cool breeze blowing.   My oldest daughter Adriana (who is 9 btw) would rather be reading one of her books or playing on her DS.  But atleast once I get her out of the house she does have a good time.  My 5 year old Alyssa on the other hand has the energy of 5 boys on a sugar high and so does her baby sister Ava.  The girl can keep going and going…  and to think she’s only 21 months!  God Bless ’em!!

I did manage to take them to our local park, where they had fun running around with other kids.  Alyssa made friends as usuall but my poor shy Adriana would rather watch the fun than be in on it.   We hung out at the park as late as we could until the rain was upon us, then we had to run on home!  Hopefully we’ll be having more park adventures very soon!


~ by favorsforu on June 20, 2009.

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